Boot Recrafting and Repair

For five generations, the Anderson family has specialized in boot and shoe repair. Currently, boot repair is performed by Stan and Casey Anderson, or Servando Castillo (shown in picture, and there is a picture of Stan and Casey Anderson below). Quality leather boots can be expected to last up to 20 years or more with regular maintenance and repair.

The most common repair requested is the replacement of the sole and heel. For this reason, we offer a Recraft Package for $90 that includes a new outsole, heel pad, small rip repair and leather conditioning.

Please use the Boot Recrafting and Repair order form for all boot repair. If you have any questions, please call or email.

International orders for recraft and repair are accepted, but before you send your order, please email your full address to us for a quote on the return shipping costs. Also, please do not send any exotic leathers, as we may not be able to return ship due to U.S. wildlife regulations. Please use the pdf order form on our website for all boot recrafting and repair.

Boot Repair is Going Green

Natural materials such as leather, straw and felt are durable and environmentally conscious. A quality leather shoe can be expected to last twenty years or more, and as Stan Anderson likes to point out, leather footwear is made from renewable resources (as are cowboy hats). By purchasing leather shoes, and repairing them when possible, you are making an environmentally sound decision and decreasing your carbon footprint. Once in a landfill, a shoe made from "man-made material" will take 20–50 years to decay. A leather shoe will only take 2–5 years to return to the earth.

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